Organic dried Allspice / Best quality product / Pimenta dioica


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100% organic dried Allspices .

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  • Excellent quality
  • Eco-friendly packing
  • Lower prices

100% organic dried Allspices

Excellent quality

Comes in organic, eco-friendly bag. We minimize plastic while packing

Fall in love with the unique taste

Allspice to dried fruit rootlets. Contrary to the origin of the English catalog. It always appeared on our continent for the first time only in the 16th century and immediately gained great popularity, which it enjoys to this day.

The Aztecs spiced your chocolate drink with allspice. This spice has a spicy aroma, reminiscent of cloves and features a warm, fruity note. It has essential oils that are responsible for the characteristic smell of plants. They are bitter and sharp notes that perfectly emphasize the taste of dishes and are credited with their warming effect. Allspice is very popular in the Middle East, where it also successfully replaces pepper and salt.

Weight: 1oz(28g)
Weight: 2oz(56g)
Weight: 4oz(113g)
Weight: 8oz(227g)
Weight: 16oz(454g)
Weight: 32oz(907g)
Weight: 64oz(1814g)

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1oz (28g), 2oz (56g), 4oz (113g), 8 oz (227g), 16oz (454g), 32oz (907g)


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