Dried Organic Ashwagandha Root / Withania somnifera / Indian ginseng

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100% Dried Organic Ashwagandha Root

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100% Dried Organic Ashwagandha Root

Grown with care and love. We are focused on providing best quality products.
Dried in the sun.
Stored in paper, eco-friendly and breathable bags.


Ashwagandha – the root of life

Ashwagandha, also called Indian ginseng, is an unusual plant that can become an antidote to many health problems caused by the current pace and lifestyle. The herbal raw material is primarily the root, which can be used in dried form or in larger pieces. The whole plant is a shrub growing up to a height of about 150 cm, with oval leaves and fruit resembling a slightly smaller version of the smile.



✔ Is an ancient medicinal herb.

✔ Can reduce blood sugar levels.

✔ Might have anticancer properties.

✔ Can reduce cortisol levels.

✔ May help reduce stress and anxiety.

✔ May reduce symptoms of depression.

✔ Can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men.

✔ May increase muscle mass and strength


✔ organically grown
✔ no GMO
✔ no pesticides
✔ best quality


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1oz (28g), 2oz (56g), 4oz (113g), 8 oz (227g), 16oz (454g), 32oz (907g), 64oz (1814g)


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