Organic Amla powder

Organic Dried Amla powder / Amalaki / Indian Gooseberry


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100% Organic Marigold Flower

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  • Excellent quality
  • Eco-friendly packing
  • Lower prices

100% Organic Amla powder

Grown with care and love. We are focused on providing best quality products.
Dried in the sun.
Stored in paper, eco-friendly and breathable bags .Comes in organic eco-friendly bag.


9 reasons to eat amla every day

✔ It helps fight the common cold. The vitamin C in amla is absorbed more easily by the body compared to store-bought supplements. …

✔ It improves eyesight.

✔ It burns fat.

✔ It builds immunity.

✔ Amla beautifies hair.

✔ It improves skin.

✔ It helps manage chronic conditions.

✔ It relieves pain.

✔ Helps to soothe the mucus membranes of the throat whilst easing the pain.


How to use ground Amla powder?

Amla fruit in powder form can be added to yogurt, smoothies, muesli, porridge and many other dishes. The recommended dosage is approx. 3-6g of ground amla fruit per day.


✔ organically grown
✔ no GMO
✔ no pesticides
✔ best quality


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1oz (28g), 2oz (56g), 4oz (113g), 8 oz (227g), 16oz (454g), 32oz (907g), 64oz (1814g)


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