Organic Dried Elderberries Flowers

Organic Dried Elderberries Flowers / Sambucus nigra


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100% Organic  Dried Elderberries Flowers

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  • Excellent quality
  • Eco-friendly packing
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Organic Dried Elderberries Flowers

Grown with care and love. We are focused on providing best quality products.
Dried in the sun.
Stored in paper, eco-friendly and breathable bags .Comes in organic eco-friendly bag.

Elderberry is a natural way to cold the fruit?

Elderberry – Sambucus nigra – is a well-known and popular plant, using for medicinal purposes the beginning of centuries ago. The fruits of this plant, in ancient Egypt, were used to soothe burns. North American Indians used elderberry to treat colds and skin diseases.

Properties of elderberry fruit

Drinking hot, freshly steamed in our sharpening result. It works diaphoretic, which is helpful in colds. The content of vitamins (A, C and group B) in elderberry fruit is an additional advantage, it strengthens our body and is their source.

It is considered a product that helps in healing wounds and in the fight against indigestion. Elderberries are a great source of antioxidants, and thanks to their presence, we support the fight against free radicals and ensure longer life of our cells.


✔ organically grown
✔ no GMO
✔ no pesticides
✔ best quality


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1oz (28g), 2oz (56g), 4oz (113g), 8 oz (227g), 16oz (454g), 32oz (907g), 64oz (1814g)


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