Organic Arnica flowers

Organic Arnica flowers / Arnica Mexicana


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100% Organic Arnica flowers

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100% Organic Arnica flowers

Grown with care and love. We are focused on providing best quality products.
Dried in the sun.
Stored in paper, eco-friendly and breathable bags .Comes in organic eco-friendly bag.


Arnica is a source of flavonoids, essential oils and triterpenes, as well as hydroxycoumarins, among others. Already in the 17th century the beneficial effects of mountain arnica in the area of wound healing were described. It was used as a medicine for such ailments as hematomas, injuries, varicose veins, phlebitis, gout, rheumatism, indigestion and cardiovascular diseases. In the 1980s
In the last century the operation of mountain arnica in the context of external use was described and it is still recommended. Arnica Mountain is currently widely recommended for beneficial effects in the event of injuries and accidents, such as bruises, sprains, bruises, swelling, rheumatic and joint pains, stomatitis, pharyngitis and inflammation caused by insect bites.
How to use arnica?

First of all, externally and locally, directly in a sensitive place, e.g. after an insect bite or other type of injury. Usually, ointments, gels, pastes based on ethanol and fat, e.g. glycerin, coconut oil, shea butter, are prepared from it. Arnica basket infusions used externally in the form of a compress are also popular.
The preparation (gel, ointment or infusion) made in this way is applied to the affected areas 2-5 times a day, using a thin layer. However, if the symptoms you are trying to combat still occur after 10 days of mountain arnica therapy, you should see a specialist. However, even when using preparations with arnica for more than 10 days, they remain harmless to the body.


✔ organically grown
✔ no GMO
✔ no pesticides
✔ best quality


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